Honest mistake, impossible dream

It was an honest mistake
Seeing you and me in heaven

It was a deceptive apparition
Leading me away from
A crystal clear premonition
That you and I
Will never be
Mirroring the sky

It was a foolish belief,
Childish dream
That serves to confuse
To make you believe
Lies could be interesting

Lies could be enough
Lies could fill you up

But I am left empty

I am left craving
Someone to meet me,
And then drift away
From all that’s deceitful

I am left trying
To be beauty, without lying
To be romance, without hiding

I am left to wonder
Is there a craving other then hunger
And could I be this obsessed
With something eyes haven’t seen yet?

Could I be
So immersed in a feeling,
In a sense,
To see no difference
Between upcoming betrayal
And earned trust?

Could I be relentlessly trying to adjust
Instead of allowing myself
To fall in love?

Could I be this dedicated,
But also nowhere to be seen

Could I be in the hearts of others
Labeled as the impossible dream?

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