Night time beauty

Occasionally, like a maestro
Dawn is calling ghosts to return
Even though night time is through

Light, shadows

All of us,
Still sleeping

We missed out on night time beauty
Missed the call of courage and mercy

But going round the bend,
we won’t need to pretend
We’ll take back what is ours
Keep it hidden

And name it forbidden

Lock it inside
until another dawn comes
To draw blood from our tongues

To draw out all the words still unspoken,
cramped in our hearts
who fail to see they are broken
Refuse to admit
their innocence was stolen

Summoning the ghosts of that passed love
The dawn sends a call for us to return
And feel the burn
of early morning sunlight

To picture a blessing
To keep undressing
To welcome it naked
Convinced we will make it

This time honest and open,
just as we are

With no shame or regrets
Tearing us apart

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