Aquarius · The Mystery

Until I make friends

Again, and again, and again…

I’ll repeat this
Again and again

Until I become a friend

Until in any moment,
I am able to casually chat
To all parts of myself

No matter where they stand

In front of me, within
It the past, in this moment
In the winds that tomorrow brings

Isn’t it exciting?
To find something new in places and faces
I have seen a thousand times before?

Isn’t it innovating,
To rewrite history, a little bit better
Isn’t it captivating,
To know it doesn’t matter?

Isn’t it liberating
To know reality doesn’t exist
That it comes to life when our point of view becomes fixed?

When we insist on looking at life in a certain way
Life follows suit, and as we see it,
So it stays?

Is it liberating, or is it a trap?

I must confess,
I haven’t figured it out yet

So let me come back again

And again and again

Let me keep recreating
The same experiences

Until I make friends

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