I have a feeling

Today, we celebrate Moon in Cancer

I have a feeling

Lots of feelings

A feeling
That something
Is at its beginning

Waiting to be born

I have a feeling
of something calling me
But nothing is moving

I’m confused by this burden
Of unspoken words

It’s the slience that speaks
But also, torments and burns

It brings my heart to boil
Then a cold wind blows through
Leaves me paralyzed,
With only my heart to run to

There, in comfort but frozen,
Echoes of unsung love come to find me,
To draw me out of hiding

Songs of the before
Let me know
That if I tried to avoid,
I would end up

Knowing I could have loved,
But didn’t want to

Knowing I killed a love
And the portal it comes through

I would end up feeling
Like there is a life
That I need to be living

Not just be stuck
In this circle that hides its beginning

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