Shadows and Light

Culture Shock

Every culture is one expression of the One. Each culture is finding its way back to the divine in its own way. Each explores the light and the shadow, don’t point fingers from the center of one circle to what’s going on in another. You must get to the center of that other circle to be able to contemplate the dark and light aspects of it. If you don’t do that, you will project the shadow of what you don’t see in your culture to the dark aspects of another.

We are evolving and exploring, there is no ultimate right or wrong on Earth. Be dedicated to love, and you will be empowered by tolerance and compassion. Some things you will understand, some things you will not. But keep in mind that the process of evolution is – a process. What you see now as wrong, might be a step forward to greater love, one try to get to a better future. We make steps forward, then backward. We bring something new, then we revise and with skepticism evaluate that new. Going back is not going further away from love, going back is ensuring we make the love more grounded and stable.

And the steps we take as a society are counted in much larger quantities of time. The incarnated you might never see the meaning of the steps forward or backward we make as a planetary community. But the divine you might remember, and it might bring you peace when you find yourself in the midst of a chaotic world that makes no sense.


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