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Pisces – How to forgive

You are in the Piscean story. You have trust in the universe and feel the energy of love vibrate through everything you come into contact with. You are merged with all that surrounds you. You can’t see what is you, and what is the other. Love is everything. You are divine, the people around you are divine, you enjoy the divinity that manifests through you.

And then, you get hurt by that divine other, the one that you know so well. The one that you know is the most beautiful of souls that have ever incarnated in this world.

Sorrow, grief, desperation, pain… They infiltrate your everyday life, they steer you to the Land of no faith, they lead you in the direction of insanity. All that you knew was true stumbled upon sharp contradictions in the Land of flesh and bones. Can it really be that love is not all that is? Can it really be that not all of us are divine sparks?

The Pisces is confused, afraid to look for answers, afraid of what could be revealed as the real truth. Isn’t the Love is all there is scenario the one and only possibility?



The Pisces moves into Virgo – it’s time to resent, to criticize, to be bitter and bitchy. To remember every little detail that wasn’t that loving, wasn’t that divine in the other. And then to turn inwards, to criticize and find her own flaws. To crush her soul by finding more and more faults, more and more memories of being not-so-loving, resenting herself for not living up to her own ideals of love.



After that burdensome period of self-hate and self-blaming, the Pisces moves into Gemini and the ‘Fuck it’ phase. It’s time to let go, to forget, to say Who cares? The power of Gemini teaches Pisces to genuinely release all the bad memories she has of herself and others. Gemini blows a gentle warm wind that sets the tortured Pisces adrift to better lands. Pisces remembers how to laugh, how to have fun and enjoy life, and starts to believe that one day she will have her greatest power back – the power of love.


Yes, that’s it! Love is my greatest power, it is the law I live by! screams the Pisces, and moves into Sagittarius. She is contemplating and exploring with an open mind, with the newfound courage given too her by her friend Sagittarius. Her intuitive insights are now organized into a coherent life philosophy and now she knows what is of benefit to herself and to others.


With her newly acquired knowledge, she goes back to Gemini, once again to relate to people around her with childlike openness and playfulness. It’s time to get reacquainted with the world, to bring freshness into all her connections. It’s time to gather new information, to start seeing people as they are in this manifest world, to see the form that the soul has taken, the personality the soul has chosen.



After she has formed her life philosophy in Sagittarius and attained the power of letting go with Gemini, with Virgo, Pisces can discern again what she wants in her life, and what is not of her choosing. She finds the power of reason, and uses it in everyday situations. She is not afraid to say no and to distance herself from what makes her uncomfortable.



And by doing so, she is once again in her world. The sea of love and sharing, respect and mutual understanding. But she has learned to stay in her sea. Only that way, when the time comes, she will effortlessly join the ocean.



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