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Forgiveness, the mutable signs and the role of Gemini

If you have been hurt, if there is a need to forgive, then you have lived the Piscean story.

We all have a Pisces experience, when we projected our own ideals to another person only to be left in shock when that other turned out to be – someone else! Someone different – from what we presumed to be true.

There is no one to blame (says Pisces, offcourse), but still the pain doesn’t go away. How to heal is sometimes How to forgive.

We start with Pisces, because that’s where it all started. And then, let’s jump around the mutable signs to see how might they help.

They are mutable, they represent change. And since forgivness is that final change of attitude towards the hurtful experience, it is only logical we turn to Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces for help.

For healing, we need…

Virgo, the little apothecary that brings the bitter cure.

Gemini, the light-hearted one that cuts all ties.

Sagittarius, the all-mighty one that takes us to the other side.

And Pisces, the one that transcends the ego and shifts into a more loving reality.

Into the reality created by Sagittarius.

This stream-of-consciousness story was my playing around with the idea of forgiveness and the steps neccesary to achieve it. I hope you will be inspired to find your own steps, and find a way to heal and forgive. Yourself and others.

Heal with Pisces – how to forgive

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