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Do a reading for Hamlet!

To develop your intuition, to develop your imagination?

In the Moon card, that is not the question. It is a fact.


Intuition and Imagination go hand in hand. Both contact the realm of the Unseen, take the information and channel it back to us. Gemini style.

A story, a game. Childlike innocence will be able to receive the information. It has no experience, it has no judgement. Or, it has enough experience to know judgement is not the way of the Heart. Open heart, non-conditioned mind. Playful spirit. Gemini.

So, if you want to take your role of grounding more Divine Feminine energy seriously, you can play a game. Play a game to develop your intuition, your imagination.


Tarot readers, do a reading for Hamlet!

To be or not to be,
That is the question.

But what will be your answer? Play with your intuition, play with your imagination, and do a reading for Hamlet! Help the poor soul with your intuitive insight and unconditional love.

To be or not to be,
That is not the question.
The question is – What is your question?
What is in the Now
That has you this preplexed?
What can we do, how can we see
So it is easier for you
Just to be

Unknown Tarot reader, Letter to Hamlet

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