Gemini · The Mystery

Feel Gemini through Tarot and Drumming

The Lovers card is associated with Gemini, and The Magician card is associated with planet Mercury, the ruler of Gemini. The messenger, the one who acts as a channel for Divine will. The one who operates outside the perception of Good and Evil. The Trickster in the eyes of the Ego. The superficial Jester who has no taste, no tact, no measure. Truth in its ugliest form, Truth in its most ridiculous form. Play, fun, laughs. The play between two opposites, the meeting of the Lovers. Seeing the Feminine in Masculine form, seeing the Masculine in Feminine form. Rememberance of Sacred Union. Echoes of Divinity.


To connect to the energy of the Magician and the Lovers, read this story about drumming and the relationship between Masculine and Feminine energy:

The benefits of drumming – The Magician

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