The Tower – I am your liberation


I am your liberation. I have come to rip off your false skin.

You have been clinging to your fake faces for too long now.

The walls you built around your being are of no use for you anymore, there’s nothing to fear.

I will take them down in one lightning strike. Don’t fear the burning pain, it is your true skin adjusting to the sunlight.

Keep going, naked, maybe not even recognizing yourself. But just keep going, the pain will go away.

Your true skin will start to breathe, you will feel your heart beat with love. Don’t give up, keep going.

Feel yourself, go into that newborn feeling of love for yourself. Keep going.

Soon you will start to recognize that newborn, you will remember.

You will meet with your true heart, after a long time.

Rejoice. Feel the love, feel the freedom.

Liberation – that is my gift to you.


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