Tarot · The Mystery

The Eights – Connectedness to All that Is


Eights represent structure that is erected after gaining of wisdom through experience.

It is the wise system looking once again into itself.

After much experience, the system can handle the fact that it’s faulty, and it can handle the constant self-evaluation.

And after much experience, the system has a lot to teach.

The Eights find no contradiction in the act of teaching others what they found to be true while constantly revising themselves and their teachings.

The stability of the Eights comes from constant Adjustment.

The Eights, through looking at their own fallacies and becoming aware of them so fast, give the impression that they are solid, immobile, that here is no movement whatsoever.

But their speed of change is so high, that it is unnoticeable to the naked eye. Like the speedy electrons that create the solid world, the Eights have acquired the knowledge of living a quantum life.

They are aware they can be at any point in the Universe, that they have access to every instant of All that Is.

We see the Eights as a solid structure, but they are able to be present at all corners of the Universe while keeping a 3-D form. Their connectedness with every aspect of the Universe gives them their wisdom, that’s why they endure.

Through connecting to All that is, we make something tangible in the 3-D world.

Through connecting to all parts of the social structure we belong to, we make something durable.


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