Open the door for Pain to enter



Pain comes, knocks at your door…


Let it in, ask it to make itself comfortable.

Offer it something to drink, something to eat.

Make a bed for Pain so it can have some rest.

Be kind.

Let it rest.

Let it dream.

Love it, cherish it, accept it.

Trust it.


Let there be hurt, let there be disappointment, let there be nothing left but hope.

Let it turn you into a dreamer once again.

Let there be no other option but to dream.

And dream, so vividly, so full of color.

So that you have no other option but to wake up.

From one dream into another.


Let the Pain wake you up, let it take you to that point where you clearly see.

That the choice is yours.


And choose.

Which dream you wish to dream.


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