Shadows and Light

Magic in the City – Bird Clan and the Sacred Well

Today was going to be a magical day. Why? Well, it was just one of those days. Without a real beginning, and with no end in sight. Nothingness in its purest form. The starting point of magic.

I sat down at my altar, trying my best to enter into that Nothingness with feminine grace and a bit of quirky sexiness. I tried out that Nothingness and made sure that it fit me. There are a lot of different Nothingness-es-es-es, you know. And you need to know yourself very well in order to know which Nothingness to choose. Remember, from Nothingness comes All. And when the All comes flooding in, you will regret if you have chosen the wrong Nothingness. So, choose your Nothingness-es-es-es wisely.


Anyway. The altar. My friends, to some of you seen, to some of you unseen, had a couple of things to say. I listened casually, because it was one of those days that would turn into magic. And on those days, you shouldn’t listen too much. Or talk too much. Feel. Let the words of others be a tune whispered to you. A tune you can always remember and whisper yourself later in the day, if it naturally flows out of your belly.

One of the things that was whispered to me was – Make an offering at a waterway.

And that was the tune that later in the day came naturally flowing from my belly.


So how do you start a day with no beginning? How do you live through a day of magic?

You start to move. And that’s pretty much it. When you start to move with your own free will, keep moving in the direction you feel yourself being guided into. Let the day unfold before you. Be courageous and trust! Trust your feelings, your sensations, and on this special day, forget about the signs. The Omens. The signposts. The Eureka moments. Forget. Today we will be silent. Today we will let our body do the hearing.

We will let our legs hear the call of the streets that wish to be walked through. We will let our hands hear the call of the doors that wish to be opened by us.

We will let our hair hear the call of the winds that wish to kiss our cheeks. We will let our breasts hear the call of the soil that wishes to give us nourishment.


So I moved. And followed.

A call from a friend. A different route back home, if back home was where I was going. Didn’t know, didn’t care. It’s a day of magic, remember?

Rain. A turning. Not looking for shelter, but getting it anyway. Those loving trees…

Going back the same way. Trust! Nothing is in vain! It may look as if you are Empty, and yes, you are. Empty of need. Empty of the need that things should be a certain way.

So go. Go in one direction, then turn 180 degrees and go back, and know, absolutely and undeniably know, that it was a journey worth taking! In every adventure you take, you must pay your respect to Nothingness. Because from Nothingness comes All, remember? And you will be tested along your way, many times. The Universe needs to know if you recognize the Nothingness, the Mother of All experience. Do you recognize Her still, or are you caught up in Movement?

Recognize Her. Put Her on once again. The beautiful Nothingness. That fits you perfectly. Move wearing that Nothingness, show Her to the world. Be proud. Feel how she penetrated your Heart and how she emanates your essence now. There is no need to do, to put in effort. She is the one that delivers your unique scent to the world. You can just be.

Just be.


And I just was. For some time. Moving through the streets of a rainy city, with no plan, no desire, no want. In my witches cauldron, I put in the last necessary ingredient. It was boiling, and boiling, and boiling… And ta-da!

My sacred well.

The tune that was whispered to me on this day with no beginning was flowing naturally from my belly.

It was time to make the offering.

What happened next? What about the Bird clan?

Does it really matter?

Now that you know how Magic works?


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