Incantation for today – Let’s start with water

Water, ♋ help me stay in my heart where ever I go, ♏ and to feel deeply all that I feel with every step. ♓Don’t let me forget that this is only an illusion and there is nothing, there exists nothing but love.

Earth, ♉ help me stay grounded and sensible, help me ♍ discern what is it that I need, and help me ♑ present myself to the world as I am.

Air, ♊help me let things come and go, remind me that in each moment I destroy one universe and create another. ♎ Remind me to, each and every moment, align more and more with my truth and adjust more to who I am. And ♒ remind me we are all connected.

Fire, ♈ give me the impulse to go outside and ♌create something new. Give me the fuel to create something new, and ♐ give me the stamina to expand it, expand myself, into the world.

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