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Heal with Libra – Finding Beauty

Libra speaks…

Each and every one of you has a preference, there are things you find beautiful, there are things you find ugly. Each and every one of you has a unique taste for the things of this world. And you assume that I am here for the purpose of making that distinction for you, to show you what is beauty and what is not. But I am not here to discriminate and divide, we have done that with Virgo. I am here to teach you how to find beauty in All that is.

Don’t misunderstand me. I am not talking about labeling things as beautiful. I am talking about the process of finding beauty.

The process of finding beauty is the process of connection with what you perceive as outside of yourself. It is the process of opening yourself to what lies outside, finding a common thread and connecting. It is the process of finding a common vibration, harmonizing and making a melody.

Libras challenge – Find Beauty now!

Listen to a piece of music you find beautiful. Be sure to pick something YOU find beautiful, no matter what others with their preferences say, no matter what the Virgo critics say. You are finding YOUR OWN beauty right now. Listen, many different instruments are finding a common thread, being aware of each other, responding to each other and they are making something you consider beautiful.

Finding a common thread, listening, responding, being aware of others. Yes, that is me, Libra. I am always looking for Beauty, and that is how I create Beauty. By seeing the beautiful in all that I see. But that is another story…

For now, another challenge – see yourself in that music. Melody is also a mirror. And yes, you are as beautiful as your favourite tune.


My final challenge to you is to, you might guess, find beauty. This is how you do it:

At the beginning of the day, open yourself up to beauty. Feel your beauty, feel the beauty that lies inside of you.

There will be a moment during the day when beauty will be revealed. Recognize! Witness! Acknowledge – beauty is right before my eyes!

Yes, that is all that I do. I am aware. I recognize. I say it out loud –

This is beautiful!

And I love it!





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