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Work with Water – Sadness and loss

The Five of Cups vibrates with the energy of emotional turmoil, and one of the processes we might go through is the experience of sadness.

Sadness is an emotional release. After loss of some kind, we need to undo the watery connection that we had with the matter in question. The way of Water is “to become one with”, so when we want to dissolve the emotional connection, at first we will feel like we are losing a part of ourselves.

Although sadness is correlated to pain, many artists, writers, poets and musicians make masterpieces because of that magnificent emotion. They bring us beauty and open our hearts with the very same frequency that has caused our hearts to close and tremble in horror. They are masters of the Five of Cups. They know how to do that emotional release. So what is keeping us from achieving that mastery?


Sadness is a combination of remembering something beautiful and letting it flow away at the same time. Like a Viking funeral, we burn the dead body of an experience lived, let it float away and be carried by oceans, while we stand at the shore, our hearts full, proud, and grateful, honoring a Beauty that once was.

The pain that we experience comes with our inability to let flow. Water cannot comprehend separation, so it doesn’t understand the words “Let go”. What Water understands is – “I might not see you, but you are always there”.


We feel pain when we try to convince our Watery selves that there will be a separation of some kind. We hurt ourselves when we resort to the mind to rationalize our feelings. Air will dissect, cut, separate, and if we use our Airy selves to deal with sadness, we will try to rip off a bandage from a fresh wound, and cause ourselves even more pain. By using the Airy approach, we will be violently opening the wound again and again and it will never fully heal.


Fire is our vital force. It knows we are invincible, indestructible, and from that perspective, our emotional wounds seem small and insignificant. We can overlook the wound because our vitality makes up for it, and we don’t feel weakness. But then we go into experience after experience with the same insecurity, and each new experience brings us a new dose of disappointment and a loss of vital force. When our vitality and self-confidence come to an all time low, we will be able to acknowledge the pain that started the avalanche of “Bad experiences”. We must become weak so we can become sensitive and tend to our wounds. Fire must bow down to Water and give it time to do its thing.


Earth is a good companion to Water, because it can stay still and let things be as they are. But with the Earthy approach to sadness, we might come to the conclusion that things will never change. That what is lost is lost forever, and we will never get it back. Or even worse, that what we lost, will come again, only so we can lose it again. Cycles of Death and Rebirth have a feel of continuity, but they still don’t make sense to Water which sees no beginning and no end. The element of Earth lacks the trust of Water that all will be as we want it to be, since we are All, we are Divine. The Will of God is the yearning of our soul, so all must be well – that is the logic of Water.

Ego vs. Water

The trust of Water is something our Ego runs away from and chooses pain instead. Since something was taken away from the Ego, there must be a bad guy, a bad entity, a bad energy that is responsible for this. And Ego will find him, her, it, whatever it is.

Ego will give Water a chance, and take her path. It starts blissfully. Ego is happy, got what it wanted. Healing, release, affection, joy. But if you continue down that path, you will start to see some familiar faces. You will see the bad guys. The evil ones. Standing in the midst of the same bliss. Can you handle that? Is that too much for you? That love belongs to all and all belong to love?

Yes, some people don’t deserve love, thinks the Ego. I don’t want to be the same as them. I don’t want to disappear. Maybe I should go back to pain. 

It is a choice. But the mastery of Water implies that you have learnt to enter the state of unconditional love. That you are able to dissolve into love. And come back down to Earth.

When you enter the space in your heart that takes you to unconditional love, you can experience sadness. And enjoy the majesty.



We come to the shore, look into the ocean.

We see a part of our soul drifting away.

It slowly fades in the horizon.

We cannot see it anymore, but we know it is there.

Somewhere in the distance, going further away each moment.

We are being taken away with it, because we are what we lose.

We start encompassing the World.

Still standing at the shore

and floating away

Into Oneness.

We are One, and we are All.





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