Shadows and Light

Waiting for the Prince of Cups

Waiting for some outside influence to bring me disillusionment and take me into a deeper love. 

He comes, Cinderella runs. Suddenly, it doesn’t feel like a fairy tale.


What do you want, my Prince Charming? Why do you seem so false, so wrong?

What did you want my dear Cinderella? You called me in. We are two halves of one wonderful whole, you said. I heard you, don’t lie. Don’t call me deceiving. You better be ready to look at your own reflection. Deeper love, you said…

But then why does it feel like I don’t exist?

You look to the outside for fulfillment. Now that I walk beside you, you cannot keep your eyes off me. You have forgotten yourself. Yes, you slowly disappear…

You killed yourself in order for me to come alive.

Lonely, desperate Cinderella. Looking everywhere, but within. Trying to love everybody, but herself.

I will do the same. I will kill myself. Disappear… And go back to my home, deep within your Soul. Deeper love, you asked for. Deep within we go.


And we will both live as you,

until you remember

that from One comes Two.

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