Astrology · Capricorn · Shadows and Light

Heal with Capricorn – Through Forgiveness to Greatness

After long years of battle, of searching for Light, the Human Soul climbed the mountain and found itself at the top, in front of the Wise Ones. The Council of Goats, the Great Bearded Ones.

With heart full of sadness and regret, the Human Soul stood in front of the Wise Goats.

Forgive – one of them said.

Forgive, and you can pass. Forgive, and your journey continues.

No! screamed the Human. No!

Forgive? What…? What does it mean?

The Great Bearded Ones started to speak…

Forgive. Give in. Yield. Sacrifice.

Those battles are long gone, only memories of battles live on inside your mind. The only wise thing to do is to surrender.

Surrender the hatred, the rage, the madness. Surrender them to us.

All those dark feelings that seem so distant from Love, surrender them to us. As a sacrifice.

Your hatred, your rage, your madness, surrender them as a sacrifice to the Gods you see before you.

When you make that sacrifice, we shall push you through.

Make that sacred offering to us. Give us the tools you used to keep yourself alive, and to keep alive your memory of Love.

Give us the Darkness that gave you the strength to keep going, give us the Darkness that helped you see the Light.

Give us that gift, honor us with your shame.

Give us that offering, celebrate us with your pain.

You see, when you came into this world you were not perfect, nor were you meant to be. You came here to perfect. To perfect your craft, the craft of Love. 

And since you stand here before us, your journey of perfection has come to an end. Yes, we stand at the end of that journey and welcome the Souls that have perfected their craft, the craft of Love.

And of those Souls, we ask a sacrifice, an offering.

We ask you to surrender your heaviest tools. The hatred, the rage, the madness. The tools that kept you alive in the darkest of times. The tools that kept you fed when there was no Love in sight. The tools that kept your sanity when no Love could be found.

Sacrifice them now, because in the lands you are headed to, they won’t be necessary. The lands of Unity and Oneness, yes, they stand behind this hill.

Sacrifice them now, and then, take on this responsibility. Become one of us, so one of us can continue his travels to Unity.

As one of us, you will do exactly what we are doing now. You will wait for Human Souls that have reached the end of their battles. 

You will take their hatred, their rage, their madness and all that they think is different from Love. You will tell them the story of perfection, and you will wait. Until they understand.

That we were born innocent, but not wise.

You will take those heavy tools as a symbol of their never-ending fight, fight for Greatness, fight for Excellence. Excellence in the matters of the Heart.

Because with all their Heart they started this journey, and all their Heart they shall have back. When they sacrifice the hatred, the rage, the madness.

And we will take their shame, their sorrow, their regret.

Do you see them now, through our eyes? Do you see yourself through our eyes? Do you see your Greatness in this Ocean of Souls?

Oh, you are already looking. Looking out. For others.

Well, welcome.

To the Clan of the Great Bearded Ones, The Council of Goats.



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