Shadows and Light · Tarot

Preparations for Love – Pain

Three of Swords – Are you hurting your heart with false beliefs?


The Element of Air is here to give us clarity, to organize the information we take in from observing the world into a coherent perception of reality.

How we arrange and rearrange that data is our own doing. What did you decide? How are you going to describe yourself based on what you see around you?

Are you going to define yourself as a being worthy of love, or will you put some other label on yourself?

Will you call yourself ugly, incompetent, powerless, lost, not good enough?

Put whatever label you want on yourself, but be prepared to live in a reality where those labels are – real.

What you created, you shall live.

You want pain, live pain.
You want love, live love.

If you want pain, you will have to hurt yourself.
If you want love, you will have to love yourself.

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