Shadows and Light

Preparations for Love – Creativity and Sex

These words were a part of a card reading I did a month ago, and since the message is universal, I will share it with you:

Creativity is sex, sex is fun, having fun leads to creativity. With connecting more to your sensual nature, you will awaken more of your sexual nature and you will create with more ease. Connect with Earth so you can wake up your Fire.


Be careful who you choose as your sexual partner and pay attention to the state of consciousness with which you engage in sexual acts. The sexual act is a symbolic representation of the energy exchange of the divine feminine principle and the divine masculine principle inside of you, the symbolic representation of your creative process.

Be careful who you let into the intimate parts of your life, because the energy exchange between you will be the same as the sexual exchange. You will take in their energy, and let it change you. You will give your energy to them, and let it change them. Choose wisely, this is the seed of your creative possibilities.

Choose to take in energy that will illuminate you, choose to surrender to the energy that will nurture you. Choose to give your energy to those that will be awakened by it, choose to give your energy only to those you consider worthy.

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