Sretan Dan Žena!



Žena, Majka, Carica…


Rad sa Caricom – Carica otvara bal


Poruka za Dan Žena od naše Račice, majke.

Dođi da te zagrlim
Dođi da te volim
Dođi da te njegujem
Nemoj stati

Nemoj se prepasti ljubavi
Nježnosti, osjećaja
Svog umora, slabosti, očaja

Kada si slab, tu sam ja da budem jaka
Zatvori oči, predahni, zaspi
Predaj mi se, odmori
Srce napuni

Be gentle with yourself

Always, forever



The benefits of drumming – The Magician

Drumming with intent is one way to ground our spirit.

The act of drumming acts as a channel, and our spirit is able to push through into this earthy realm and we become more present and aware, of our earthly nature as well as our spiritual, non-bodily nature.

Like the Magician, who is a channel for divine will, through drumming we use our masculine, active side to direct. We direct energy by becoming the hollow reed, by becoming the vehicle through which divine will shall be done.

We remove our small ego self, and make way for pure consciousness to express itself.

With drumming and the Magician, we have the opportunity to experience masculine energy, the energy that is active, directed and focused but in alignment with all that is.


To drum without experience is a very powerful ritual, because you will be relying on your feminine side to surrender and have faith that your hands are moving just as they are supposed to move.

To drum when you don’t know how to drum is an act of respect and trust in your feminine side, and an act of worship of feminine energy in all of us.

It is showing of respect to feminine energy that creates without knowing, but through sensing and feeling.

It is showing of respect to feminine energy that doesn’t know, but still lives according to that knowing.

It is showing of respect to feminine energy that doesn’t speak, but whose existence screams a thousand and one spiritual truths.

It is showing of respect to feminine energy, who lives and dies for her counterpart, the ever so worshiped masculine energy.


Preparations for Love – Creativity and Sex

These words were a part of a card reading I did a month ago, and since the message is universal, I will share it with you:

Creativity is sex, sex is fun, having fun leads to creativity. With connecting more to your sensual nature, you will awaken more of your sexual nature and you will create with more ease. Connect with Earth so you can wake up your Fire.


Be careful who you choose as your sexual partner and pay attention to the state of consciousness with which you engage in sexual acts. The sexual act is a symbolic representation of the energy exchange of the divine feminine principle and the divine masculine principle inside of you, the symbolic representation of your creative process.

Be careful who you let into the intimate parts of your life, because the energy exchange between you will be the same as the sexual exchange. You will take in their energy, and let it change you. You will give your energy to them, and let it change them. Choose wisely, this is the seed of your creative possibilities.

Choose to take in energy that will illuminate you, choose to surrender to the energy that will nurture you. Choose to give your energy to those that will be awakened by it, choose to give your energy only to those you consider worthy.

Preparations for Love – Rage

Get ready for some rage if you want to step out of the cage.

Have a furious day!

Be angry, be mad, be enraged. Demolish the walls that kept you separated from other loving beings, take the bricks and smash them, break them to pieces on your silly, stubborn head that convinced you you are not worthy of loving. Smash that silly, stubborn head that believed your core needs and desires don’t matter, that you don’t matter, that your heart doesn’t count. Bang those bricks on your silly stubborn head that kept you from seeing all the hearts lined up before you, waiting to give you a hug.

Take your time to feel really really stupid because you didn’t recognize all the love that was surrounding you.

Take your time to feel really really stupid because the first bricks you took from your tumbling wall, you threw at the ones that loved you the most. Feel stupid, but not guilty, because stupid is what you are.

And feel really really stupid for smashing your head right now, when instead, you could love. Feel stupid, but not guilty, because stupid is what you are.

And now that you’re a fool, with no reason not to love, get ready for some hugs.

And kisses.

And maybe more.


Definitely more.

Divine Union – Stillness

AddText_12-27-05.17.54My beautiful Woman, you are strong, determined and dedicated, you have the wisdom to love all.

You know how to rest in the in-between, you know how to move when nothing else moves.

You are a lover of Nothing, in service to All. Be proud of yourself, of your silence and stillness.

Keep on being you.


My beautiful Man, you are sensible and sensitive, and you have the courage to know all.

You have the courage to know and to see, you have the power to sustain the vision, to keep the knowledge.

You have the patience, you have the love, for all things frozen waiting to be born.

Be proud of yourself, of your power and patience.

Keep on being you.