Aries · Shadows and Light

Honor your Inner Aries – The Warrior starts

The determination to succeed and the firm belief that all is possible are at the core of Arian energy.

It is the energy of a warrior that storms into the unknown with the intent to bring forth new creation. He himself won’t create, but he will set the blueprint for creation. He will call in the forces of nature and start the process with his call. He will perish, but his creation will unfold. He won’t live to see the manifestation, but in the manifestation, we will be able to recognize him.

The wild, ludicrous calls to action will now make sense, when the seed has sprouted. The madness will look like courage, the primal screams will sound like Love.

Take a moment and honor your Aries life phases. The times when no one believed in you, but you decided to believe in yourself. When you were the loudest one, pushing those around you forward, because you believed in them, even though they didn’t believe in themselves. When you chose to go in a new direction, completely unknown and unexplored. When you decided to be deaf to fear based murmurs, when you decided to listen to nobody but yourself, when you decided to follow nothing but the call of your heart.

Take a breath and honor yourself for your most courageous moments, for your most loving starts.

Honor your Inner Aries 💕♈💕

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