Aries · Astrology · Pisces

You will have to leave this world behind

Transcendent Pisces is here to spoil the fun.

But you Aries, go, have fun. Go, and don’t look back. You are running to that place you came from anyway. Run, go ahead, there is nothing to lose. All that you had at the Beginning is waiting for you in the End.

Don’t get distracted by the ups and downs. You are bouncing around a straight line, you are not losing your way. The path you chose in the Beginning is the path that leads you to the End.

Bounce, have fun. Go up and down. Just take a moment, here and there, to stop, calm down, and walk the line. Every now and then, walk the line, so you remember that you are in alignment. You always were, you always will be.

Now go! Bounce!

Have your ups and downs, before the line dissolves, and becomes the Ocean. Before you turn into a drop, a wave, the Infinite Waters.


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