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Work with Fire – Make yourself known

The energy of Fire is the energy of creation. Aries initiates the creation, Leo shares the created with others and Sagittarius wants to include others in what has been created. The Motivator, The Performer, The Teacher.

In Aries, you make yourself known to the world. You are the blueprint for your creation, and your charisma is your belief in yourself. You believe something will become of you, even though you haven’t got the skills or experience yet.

You acquire skills and experience through trial and error, and your certainty that you will reach your goal makes those sequences of trial and error fun, exciting, exhilarating. With each new acquired skill, you develop self-confidence.

The more self-confidence you gain, the less blind faith you need. You don’t need to believe you can, since now you know you can. You tried it, and you did it.

Yey you!

You have become a Leo! The stage of initiation is over, now you are the proud owner of a creation. Show it! Let us see what you have done! Show it again and again!

And when we get tired of watching you, when we get inspired to do the same, be Sagittarius! Speak to us, share your experience! Tell us how you did it, so we can do the same!

One thought on “Work with Fire – Make yourself known

  1. Odličan tekst 🤗 !!! Bravo ❣️

    U nekoliko riječi savršeno opisuje mog ovna koji uvijek uči metodom pokušaja i pogrešaka (knjigu rijetko koristi) i jako se ponosi time, mog lava koji se voli pohvaliti svojim postignućima i mog strijelca koji mi stalno nešto pokazuje i želi me nečemu naučiti/podučiti.

    05.04.2019., u 17:30, Spirit of Tara napisao:

    > >


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