Understand Cancer – Family, Home, Emotion


Everybody needs family, to feel wanted, nurtured, safe, loved. The motivation of Cancer is to find such an emotional anchor. Sometimes, we will find Family in the unlikeliest of Souls, but our Hearts will tell us loud and clear where we belong.

Here, a fawn adoption in process…



You are Me and I am You, but sometimes I get on my own nerves.

Cats are territorial and so are we when it comes to our energy field. We don’t like when our boundaries are being crossed, but in Cancer we experiment with who we let in, what we let out. We open up the borders of our Universe for the energy of others to enter, and only when we take them in, we can decide if we want to spit them out.


It can be messy sometimes. It is the process of I need you, but don’t fucking touch me. I want to feel what you feel like, but don’t come and overwhelm me with your energy. I will open up the gates of my home to you, but don’t steal my house. Don’t make me your possession just because I took a taste of you.

Just like with food, we need to try. We need to taste and then see how it sits in our stomach. The knowing is not immediate, it takes time for us to experience the energy so then we can make our final judgement.

Do I want your energy or not.

Do I want to take you in, or do I want to spit you out.

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