Astrology · Cancer

Work with Cancer – Our Ancestors

Are you familiar with your family tree? Do you know your roots? Do you understand those that came before you and gave you life? Your Mother and Father, your Grandmothers and Grandfathers, and so on? Do you see a pattern in your Family line? What experiences are repeating themselves in your Family line? Are you using the knowledge of your ancestors to better your life? Do memories of your ancestors inspire you to do better? To bring more awareness into your existence?

These are the questions of Cancer. This Water sign can be a portal to other times and dimensions where your Family awaits you. This is your small, immediate Family in the Web of All life. You are connected to all that is, but you still have a small fraction of that web that you call Family. They are your own, you are made of them, they will be made of you. A small whirlpool with such power of attraction. No matter where you are, no matter when you are, you will always be pulled back to your Family.

Do you know? Who your Family is? Do they live now? Do they live on this Planet? Or will you have to use the portal of Cancer to contact them in times different than these, on Planets never seen before?


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