Love letter from Cancer – I want that kind, childlike love

You say I am a childish believer
In an overly sweet, candy type of love

But if you said my hair resembles gold
And my lips look like they taste of wine

Maybe I would be kissing you now
And call your strong hands mine

Instead you pretend…

That my presence doesn’t remind you
Of that innocent, childlike love

And you choose to be ashamed

But our childlike nature is a gift
As is our ability to love
To play
To be sweet
To be kind

So, maybe…
I could change your mind?

Maybe you can open up
And let that sweetness flow
Maybe you can say a few kind words
And see my face start to glow

Bacause all I wait for
Are moments of kindness

Moments of sweetness
Moments of innocence
Moments of pure, liberating love

So come to me
When you see that all that shame and shyness make no sense

Come to me when you are ready
For this innocent, pure, childlike love

For sweetness
That is locked in my lips

For gentleness
That I carry in my hands

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