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Scorpio and Taurus – Let’s talk about shit!

Scorpio and Taurus.

Scorpio, we associate with the ugly, with that which we want to bury beneath the surface. But Scorpio, as a fixed sign, is here to sustain, so aren’t we supposed to look at the ugliness for a time? Isn’t there a much deeper reason for allowing the ugliness to stay, for a time?

Shit. Most of us consider it ugly. There are no poems devoted to shit. And we want to bury it beneath the surface. And yes, there it belongs. But Scorpio talks about the ugly in our emotional body, in our psyche, and shit is physical. So shouldn’t we throw the shit back to Taurus, the sign of the physical, the natural, the abundant, the….


Can shit be beautiful? Let’s call our inner Scorpio and dive deep into the subject.

Taurus, like Scorpio, is here to sustain. From sustainability comes abundance. Because if our Earth Mother crashes and burns, we won’t have a ground to walk on, let alone experience her beauty and receive her gifts. So our Earth Mother must sustain herself, and she needs our shit. Our natural, Taurian shit.

She requires of us to process what she gives us, and then she requires of us to give that processed product, our shit, back to her. What a wonderful exchange. Shit for apples. Shit for trees. Shit for berries. Shit for flowers and their marvelous scent.

Our digestive system is the star of the show, the part of our bodies that sustains the process of shit-making. And we try our best in this civilized world to properly deliver the shit back to our Earth Mother.

But what about our non-natural shit? The shit we produce outside of our bodies? The products that may or may not contain and radiate out beauty? Do we know how to process them well and give them back to Mother Earth in the form she requires of us?

Is there any beauty in that exchange? Are we making a fair exchange? Or are we just taking, taking, taking and then making, making, making with no real idea how to give in return?

It’s like when you fall in love, and desire that deeper intimacy with someone. Don’t just unload your shit onto the person. Find a way to deliver your shit to them so they can process it.

Let it be a fair, satisfying, exhilarating exchange of shit. Scorpio style

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