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Learn Astrology – The responsibility of awakening our Sun

The Sun sign in our natal chart describes a quality that we will be trying to develop throughout our lifetimes. The Sun is asleep, and by being born in this realm, we have accepted the responsibility of Awakening it.

Throughout our lifetimes, we will be faced with challenge after challenge just so we get the opportunity to enhance the quality of our Sun sign. In this epoch, we are trying to infuse more light into matter, and we are dedicated to making our everyday lives more divine.

For example, an Aires Sun will face challenges that will make him or her the Divine Risk Taker, the one that takes us to the Unknown with faith and wisdom. The challenges on the way will be there to teach him how to embody that Divine Risk Taker, so that implies that Aries Sun is not in himself/herself the ideal adventurer, but still has a lot to learn.

When reading about your Sun sign, have compassion for yourself. There are traits you might find admirable, there are those you could despise. But take advantage of the knowledge gathered by the ones before you. The awareness of the mistakes of our ancestors makes it easier for us to advance towards more light. Read about your Sun Sign like you are reading memoires of the ones who were facing the same struggles. At the end of the road, they have written down what worked for them and what didn’t. The experiences our ancestors went through are written down in our collective consciousness, in our One Mind. You can access that knowledge through contemplation or meditation. Or you can relive the experience of your ancestors and choose for yourself, see what it means to you.

If you choose to relive a story you have already seen, that could mean there is something more to Awaken there. Or it could be you want to leave your Sun in deep sleep. Never mind, challenges will come. Because by entering this realm, you have accepted the responsibility of Awakening your Sun.

And we will go into the story of our Sun Sign again and again in our lives, just so we make it better, healthier, more divine. There is no end we need to reach with the Sun, we are expanding the awareness of what that archetype is able to do. There is no end, just a beginning. A lot of new beginnings.


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