Under the Sea

Did I make a mistake or are we Aliens? No, it’s just the 5 of Swords doing it’s thing…

Attention, Tarot and Astrology lovers! 

The following text has the theme of the relationship of 5 of Swords and 4 of Swords. What is that theme? Answer after reading the text. And a funny coincidence, 5 of Swords is associated with Aquarius. I guess the 5 led me in the direction of Aquarius. Happy reading!

For the purpose of one of my magical rituals, I was going through, started rewriting by hand, my old texts. I was somewhat pleasantly surprised, how well they were written and how they contain a strong message still, a wisdom I can apply in my life ( in other words, I haven’t grown as a person lol). Here and there, there was a word I would have replaced with a better word, a sentence or a paragraph I would word better or explain in more detail, more skillfully. But then…

I found myself reading something… And fear slid all through my body like a slippery lightning. Was what I had written wrong? Was I wrong? With the next question I asked myself, a breath of relief came – Were my ideas wrong?

Yes, ideas. Not the written, not poor little me. Ideas. And ideas are ideas, they are not facts. I remembered that through my texts I present my ideas, and I myself never claim that I know the truth. Or anything at all. My nature is Moon in Aquarius, and she needs to experiment, to explore ideas, perspectives, theories. She needs the scientific play, it feeds her soul. And facts? She will have to leave it to Virgo.

Now that my Piscean paranoia has receded to acceptable levels, let me tell you what I found.

In a text about Fire signs, I stated that Sagittarius was the third Fire sign. Aries was the first, Leo the second.

Uh. I didn’t like that.

You see, somewhat recently, I really fancied the description of the Modalities: that the Cardinal signs are the ones that initiate, the Fixed signs sustain, and the Mutable signs bring change (not the End, but change). And in that framework, I have started to perceive the Cardinal signs as a ‘first’ of a sort, the first step in the development of the Element.

In that framework, Aries is still a ‘first’. But what about the others? What about Taurus, did I ever call him a ‘first’?

Oh, no…

…what a mistake…

…my life is over…

(Saturn-influenced Pisces drowns in her cruel Dreamworld)

Anyway… The framework that I used where Taurus would be named the first Earth sign, was the idea (again, that responsibility-free entity, the glorious idea ) of incarnation – how we come from the sea of Pisces, storm through the channel of Aries to be embodied, to incarnate, in Taurus. So when I played around with those ideas, ok, we could call Taurus the first, the first Earthly phase in incarnation. But then…

Then I remembered I had started another experiment in my mind. To look at the spiral of evolution as if it begins in Capricorn. When the light begins to emerge, with the Cardinal Earth sign.

So what if…?

What if we put Capricorn first? Consider Capricorn the beginning of our earthly journey? The cardinal Earth sign. Where the first step is to anchor and establish ourselves in the material world. Aren’t we then…


Aliens. The ship has landed on a new Planet. A Planet we plan to call home. So we have some planning to do.

Now, we are still aliens. Our experience is Capricornian – we are Masters, accomplished beings; but the environment is barren. There is nothing familiar that provides comfort, there is no sign of abundance. We must start building from scratch. We communicate with the Planet, ask for a warm welcome. We ask to be guided to places where we can establish ourselves and our society, we ask for Earth’s permission to blend in with her skin and bones, rivers and rocks, forests and meadows…


After we get permission and instructions from Mother Earth, do we contact our home Planet? Our family that one day we will describe as our ancestors from the Sky? I don’t know…

What do you think? How does the story continue? What do you remember?

I will stop now. To avoid making any more mistakes.


Just kidding.

Let me have some time to think.

Or, as an Aquarian would say, let me connect to the web of infinite possibilities and download a most suitable theory for this moment in space and time.


Join me!

Let’s think!

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