Pisces · Scorpio · Shadows and Light

Scorpio and Pisces – Craving for Connection

I have not yet experienced the Deep Connection I yearn for, and all the signs and signals were always stearing me to Aloneness. To my great dissatisfaction. Through the years I got to know what my medicine is, what is my path. But it’s still a struggle. The intense connection that I crave is mixed with the need to surrender to God.

At a very young age I created an Ego not bothered with the Divine. I created an Ego that is powerful beyond measure. An Ego that doesn’t need an inexplicable force to carry it through the Darkest of Times. An Ego that doesn’t want to Surrender.

So I need to remind myself everyday that Surrender, Devotion, Worship and Faith are the things I cannot live without. And humans will come, with whom I can have an Intense, Deep, Grounded, Devoted kind of Love; but I must never forget our Source and my need to connect to Divinity, my need to be of service to the Divine. I will find Intimacy, but I should never forget Prayer. I must be mindful of both. The Earth and the Sky.

Pisces, Scorpio and the High Priestes



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