Shadows and Light · Under the Sea

Healing with Sekhmet – Don’t silence my Anger

Healing needed… Now.

I process my emotions through all sorts of rituals, one of them is inspired writing. And another is posting my writings and letting them flow into the world. For a couple of hours now I am caught up in Anger, I have my ‘process my emotions’ poem and I am posting it everywhere so the Anger goes away. I am feeling a little bit better now 😊

But let’s begin with the ritual!


I call in the mighty Sekhmet to help me stay in Love while I experience Anger!

Let her fuel my Passion, not extinguish my Flames!

I want to burn so I give off warmth, so I keep sustaining life, so I keep giving Light!

I want to burn eternally, with Truth and Love!

Now sing with me:

Don’t silence my Anger
I deserve to be Heard

Don’t silence my Passion
My passion for Truth

We are all born Equal
So kiss the feet of your Imaginary Enemies
And take away the crowns of your False Gods

Burn with the Fire of Memory
That this life is not yours to take
Not yours to make

You belong to Destiny
And the Memory of Eternity

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