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Sagittarius – The Beauty of Funerals

Education, Higher Learning is under the jurisdiction of Sagittarius, who runs to New Lands after passing through Death fields of Scorpio. But nowhere in my formal education was I taught about the phenomenon of Death. And the lack of teachings on Death that this society failed to provide is now interfering with my enjoyment of Funerals.

Ah, the Funeral. The beautiful Funeral. When the veil between this World and the Other disappears. Such a peaceful, divine experience. A gateway to Heaven. A glimpse into the Beyond. Connection to God. A conversation with the Universe.

But then, mumbling. Mumbling of troubled Souls who were never taught anything about Death, about the Great Transition. Mumbling of troubled Souls who should be there to support the ones consumed with Sadness. No knowledge, no clue, no idea what is going on and how to proceed. Our society has failed us. Our teachings have failed us. We strive to become a Somebody, but we ignore the fact that one day we will be left with No Body. That we will transcend this reality of cycles, cease to exist. In this form we have now.

Change, Change, Change! Change your attitude, revise your teachings, restructure your classrooms! Teach what must be taught! The fundementals of Life are also Death!

So when the Funeral comes, we can finally rejoice! We can celebrate, we can honor the Great Transition! We can let go of the Souls that didn’t want to let go of us. But it was time. Mother Earth said it was time. And as her children, we have nothing more to say. Just thank you, Great Mother, for this experience.

Thank you for letting me and all the other Souls walk upon your fields. Thank you for letting us drink your Water, eat your Flesh. What a wonderful experience we had.

But now let’s go, go, go! Let’s leave this Earth, and let others leave as well. In joy, in celebration! Let’s honor this Life, let’s honor this Death!

Let’s enjoy this Experience!


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