Shadows and Light

Mother Earth speaks – Love Differences

Croatian version/Hrvatska verzija – Poruka Majke Zemlje – Volite svoje različitosti

Mother Earth is covered with imaginary borders, and she is perplexed with the obsession our human species has with dividing her body. She doesn’t understand why we split her up into areas we call states, kingdoms, empires, or why we have killed each other most of our known history to preserve those boundaries we invented.

Mother Earth speaks:

Different cultures have developed in different areas because I, Mother Earth, am diverse. Each of my areas carries a different energy and I understand why you have developed so many diverse societies.

But I don’t understand why you’re constantly arguing. River and Mountain are different but not in conflict. The River does not force the Mountain to move, the Mountain does not preach to the River that it should stop. Each of my areas is special, and will tell you different stories.

Yes, they will tell you stories. You think you designed your cultures yourself, but in fact, you listened to the whispers of your surroundings. People who settled by the Rivers listened to the wisdom of the Rivers and lived by its rules. The people who spent their lives in the Deserts lived as the Desert commanded.

You have not imposed yourselves on Nature, Nature has given you its commands. The dishes you prepare, the songs you sing, the dances you dance, the wisdom you convey to your descendants – all these are echoes of the voice of Nature that surrounds you. But you became greedy and began to claim that everything you created was yours, and yours alone. You do not pay homage to your teachers – Rivers, Forests, Mountains, Lakes. You have become so important to yourself that you have to prove that your culture is the best. And some of you have completely disconnected from your heart, and claim that your customs are the only right ones.

You talk about loving your country, but it’s my country. Be proud of your customs, but they are only one piece of my wisdom.

There’s no need to argue. People of Rivers, people of Mountains, people of Deserts, people of Forests – they are all different tribes of the same Mother. You are all my children and I love you equally. If only you would stop fighting, and start loving.

Loving each other.

Loving me and all I have to offer.

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