Shadows and Light · Tarot

4,5,6 – Time to lose something

The 5 of Earth teaches us how to lose something. How to let something be taken away from us.

To surrender our most prized possesions, in a way. To find dignity and grace in letting go.

After the 4 of Earth, where we acquired something we hold valuable, where we gained security, it’s time to let our valuable possesions be taken away from us, so we can feel our essence again.

The 5 of Earth comes as the Dark Angel with the face of loss, so we don’t fall into the trap of believeing that our possesions are us.

By having something valuable be taken away from us, we get the chance to see the value that is inside and not material, the value that is everlasting, not subject to circumstances.

We have the chance to reunite with the Light within, since there is nothing without we can grab onto.

We have the chance to realize that we are always safe and loved, no matter what the outside circumstances are.

And we can begin to see that the creative power of Fire comes from within us, and that there is nobody but us that creates our experience.

After the loss, after the 5 of Earth has taken something of value from us and we not only survived, but managed to see the Light, it’s time for the 6.

Now, we can easily share with the world all those things that we value so much, because we know that by giving away even our most prized possesions, we don’t lose anything at all. We are still whole, and we become holly, by giving willingly, from the Light within.

The Light within is our eternal source of Love and safety, and has the power to bring forth that Love and safety to the world without.

4 of Earth
5 of Earth
6 of Earth



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