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Work with Aries – I love you, I believe in you!

Croatian version/Hrvatska verzija – Ovan vas voli, Ovan u vas vjeruje!

The fiery energy of Aries is often misunderstood. A fear-based society reacts negatively to fire energy and its representatives – Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, because as much as people of Fire are unsure of themselves or hurt, they still radiate with the knowledge of how valuable they are. Until the rest of society develops enough courage, confidence and creativity, the fire signs will be criticized.

Understanding the energy of Aries

Aries energy is a blast. An explosion after which fireballs fly everywhere. Aries is the passion of creation to create itself. It is the initial impulse from which everything manifested will develop.

That’s why Aries is our initiating force, a motivator. You need to listen to the Ram. He has a myriad of creative ideas, sees plenty of great opportunities, but he’s only there to push you in the direction you choose. For Aries, all possibilities are achievable, since his energy is so close to the Source. Aries fearlessly goes to conquer new territories and has the power to pull people with him. Aries either pulls or pushes forward, constantly. If you act through the Ram energy, you always give extra impetus to the people around you to continue creating. If you are acted upon by Rams with their energy, they will either drag you like a sack of potatoes, frantically pulling you forward, or they will gently push you every time you forget to act. If you want a comfortable life journey with the Ram, choose your pace, but always move, preferably in the direction of new experiences.

I am All that is

Aries, as the sign in between Pisces and Taurus, marks the entry of the divine spark into the body. Transition from ‘We are all One’ into ‘I am one of’ can be felt in the Ram attitude – ‘I am the only one, I am All that is’. If the energy of Aries thinks only of itself and does not pay attention to others’ feelings and opinions, it is because it believes that we all think the same. In his fiery race, his mad chase, he does not notice that we have come out of Oneness, that we have become different, and that it would be nice to get to know each other. This lesson he will learn from Libra, his opposite sign and the key to his self-realization.

You’re on your own, buddy

Aries is a leader in the sense that he will open the door for you and push you to run forward without giving you any explanation as to why you should do it or how to get by in the wilderness. Because even he doesn’t know. He only knows that we should not be afraid of new experiences, that we are capable of dealing with anything that we encounter in life, and that we should not be afraid to live. Since the naughty Aries only thinks of himself, he leaves us in the middle of the desert, giving us the opportunity to become aware of how powerful we are.

Yes, Aries believes in us.

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