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Work with Aries – Let others help you

Our Inner Aries, full of desire, is the activation point of any life experience. The squares, Cancer and Capricorn, will hold us back, make us think twice. Or, better said, make us think. Aries can’t be bothered with thinking. Aries is here to make moves. Act now, think later.

But what if our Inner Aries was convinced that thinking, conversations and reasoning were good for him?

Let’s look at his sextiles, the Air signs of Gemini and Aquarius. The sextiles are easy aspects that represent potential for growth, if some effort is put in. Aries has to consciously want to engage with Aquarius and Gemini if he wants to see the fruits of their collaboration.

The Fast and the Furious

The swift and unattached energy of Gemini and Aquarius reminds Aries of the adrenaline-filled freedom he craves, so he enjoys their company, even if thinking is not on his mind.

Gemini is the master of speed. Jumping around from topic to topic, from experience to experience, he can take Aries on a virtual joy-ride through other peoples lives. Gemini is in touch with everybody, he knows what’s going on to the tiniest detail, and he will share what he has heard. Just as reckless as Aries, Gemini is not bothered with the consequences of his words, and Aries can relax in that responsibility-free zone.

While being amused by our little trickster Gemini, Aries gets in touch with other peoples experiences, learns from them and gains new information. With Gemini around, Aries doesn’t need to do everything on his own. He can learn about the mistakes other people have made, and he can take more informed steps. Storyteller Gemini will make him feel as if the experiences of others were his own, so Aries doesn’t really need to think. He only needs to put in effort to really engage with the stories Gemini is re-telling him.

Let’s keep it together

We can ascribe Gemini’s volatility to his mutability, but Aquarius is a Fixed sign – can his urge to sustain also be of liking to Aries?

Aquarius represents the field of possibilities, and nothing could tempt our Aries more than the idea that anything is possible. Well, not anything, but dreams do come true. Aquarius is a visionary, and has the permission to peek into the future. Who can be a better comrade to our adventurous Aries than a being who believes in him, and not only believes, but knows exactly what he is capable of doing. Aquarius knows who belongs where in society, what role do they need to play to keep our web of life alive. He will not nod his head at just any plan of action Aries has in mind, he will only encourage him to go into the direction he needs to go. Because Aquarius knows where each of us belongs.

So Aries will have to put his ego aside, and trust that someone else might have a clearer vision of the journey he is ready to take. Because so many of us have taken that road before, and Aquarius sees it all. He keeps records of all possibilities. From the future as well as from the past.

Let’s keep it inside

When we transfer this dynamic to our inner landscape, we see how our Inner Gemini and Inner Aquarius are able to help us reach our goals. If we are able to learn from other peoples experiences and have a clear vision of  where we belong, nothing can stop us. Well, with Aries, nothing can stop us anyway, will we be charging full speed ahead. But with our Inner Gemini and Inner Aquarius, nothing can stop us reaching our goals with as few setbacks as possible.  We have to put some effort in, so life can be easy.

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