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Work with Aries – What do you want? And how do you plan to get it?

What do you want?

What do you desire?

What are you prepared to die for?

And what is getting in your way?

Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer – that’s what they say. If you want to be a Warrior, what parts of your psyche would you consider an enemy?

Well, Aries doesn’t see eye to eye with his squares, Cancer and Capricorn. They have a different motivation…

Aries screams  – Let’s go into the unknown and find a way to fulfill our desires!

Cancer cries outNo, let’s stay here where it’s safe, where we have everything we need!

Capricorn states – I know what’s best. Don’t question my authority!

Deal with your Cancer

If you want to be a Warrior, you will need to deal with that part of your psyche that doesn’t want to leave whatever you call safe. The part of you that’s afraid to get wounded. If your Inner Aries is crying out for a new experience, you will need to convince your Inner Cancer that you are strong and capable enough to survive in unexplored waters. You will need to convince yourself that you are strong enough to make it on your own, and that for a while, you can go without some of your needs being met. You will have to let go of what you think you need, so that it becomes crystal clear what was really necessary, and what was only holding you back. You Inner Cancer is your intuition, and she will communicate with you through the sense of fear. She will try to steer you away from danger, but beware – you might have become too complacent and the fear is just an excuse, an illusion that is holding you back. To bring out your Inner Aries, you will have to develop that wild, raw boldness that will take you into life’s battles you are not sure you can win, but you’re still going to try. Because Warriors are prepared to die.

Stand up to your Capricorn

As we get older, we get wiser. We have our own experience, and from that experience we form attitudes on life. So when a new desire starts circulating through our blood, we will have to challenge our old worldview. Our Inner Capricorn knows best, and he wants to give same old solutions to same old problems. He knows how to thrive in scarcity, he knows how to survive, and anything beyond survival and preserving the old is none of his business. So you will have to stand up to your old ideas about life, and give yourself the chance to try out something new, even if the old was good enough. Aries is desire, and there is no such thing as good enough. There is always a possibility for something better. Remind your Inner Capricorn that the only reason that you know what you know now, is because once, you dared to be an Aries. You dared to believe that there is something better, and that you, yes you, can achieve it. You dared to believe that, even if you don’t have the experience, you will gather it along the way. You will try, and you will fail. That way, you can learn all by yourself. Experience is the best teacher there is. Even your Inner Capricorn knows that.




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