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Build with Taurus and Scorpio – Where did we begin?

Taurus and Scorpio are complementary signs. They share a common theme of resources, values, perseverance, boundaries. To master one we must master the other. In Scorpio, there is the seed of Taurus; in Taurus, Scorpio begins.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so let me show you a picture of the relationship of Taurus and Scorpio – the relationship of the visible, material world and what lies underneath, what creates the visible world.

Scorpio is a Water sign, but Water doesn’t describe human emotions alone. Water is a powerful formative energy. It has power, but doesn’t have a shape. We must go through a process, a magical, alchemical process in order to form our Water into something tangible, into Earth. We need to bring our hidden Scorpio cravings out to the surface, into the land of The Abundant and The Beautiful, into the land of Taurus. We have to make our wishes real. But, once you bring the seeds of your wishes into reality, you will have to tend to them and help them grow. Oh yes, there is a lot of responsibility in the land of Abundance and Beauty. Beauty and Riches take time, and so does Love.

Taking a look from Taurus into Scorpio, we say that beneath all of our acquired resources lies our emotional, spiritual perseverance and power. Even if you have nothing yet, it doesn’t mean you don’t hold great power – you just need to use it and have patience until the seed sprouts.

Our material resources are not only things, they are everything visible, everything real. Whatever you consider real belongs to the sphere of Taurus. Our character, our relationships, our commitments. Taurus is physical love, love that we decided to put into physical form – arts, crafts, sex.

Scorpio is the land of intense dreams in which cravings for love and connection are formed. We crave to feel in our body what we feel in our soul, we crave to make the connection between the body and our spirit. When we reach Taurus, we taste, we smell, we touch. We listen, we see. Ordinary beauty.

Beauty that was seeded in our being.

Now look…

From TianaGeoWatercolor Etsy shop

Amazing, isn’t it?

Do you see what lies beneath? Do you see how much is going on beneath your picture-perfect surface? Do you see what hides behind the ordinary?

Taurus might have painted the house, but who set the foundations? Where did we begin? Maybe in a very passionate, intense dream…

And what use would that intensity be, if we didn’t pick up the shovels and start digging?

But, then again, would we finish anything if we weren’t prepared to spend some time with nothing, in the dark, with no guarantee of riches and beauty?

Ah… Taurus, Scorpio, Taurus, Scorpio…

Where did we begin?

Maybe in a very intense dream…

With a shovel waiting for us when we wake up.

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