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Think with Taurus, Aries and Capricorn – Where did we begin?

In a linear world view, there is always a beginning and an end. In a cyclical world view, there is always a beginning and the point of change. As a society, we are already comfortable with the cyclical world view. We can perceive endings as the point of change. But what we’re having difficulty with is the concept of beginning. The Big Bang.

Come into the Dragons Lair

In the linear world view, we are baffled by the question – if there is a beginning of time and space, what was happening before? In a cyclical world view, we come to the question – What came first, the chicken or the egg?

A lot of mystical teachings describe an omnipotent void, where the potential of everything exists in nothingness. It’s like a dragons lair, a womb of an all-encompassing mother who can give birth to herself. 

That archetype lies beyond the archetypes of the zodiac. You can say it is the point from which all zodiac archetypes have been born, and into which all zodiac archetypes will collapse into when time as we know it ceases to exist. In Greek mythology, you have the Goddess Hekate that came before the Titans and Olympians, and was revered by Zeus himself. Imagine a force that came before and was revered by the Gods! Yes, we all came from Something, and that something seems to be Nothing.

Pick your starting point

Since The Beginning lies outside of the Zodiac Wheel, the starting point you choose will be exactly that – your choice. There are a few zodiac signs that I like to set as the beginning of a process, and contemplate on how it changes the picture.

Aries, being a Cardinal sign, is the one that Initiates. Being a Fire sign, Aries represents our spirit, our source of vitality and our Divine Origin. When you want to start a story with the awareness of your own Divinity, you can start with Aries. Aries marks the beginning of spring, describes the life that emerges after winter, and is associated with the male seed and sexual potency. All these terms are representative of beginnings.

On the other hand, we have Capricorn, the Cardinal sign, the one that Initiates the element of Earth. Here, we have a more tangible, concrete beginning because we are in the realm of Earth, the material world. The reason we might not consider Capricorn a beginning for our personal endeavours is because Capricorn is a Universal sign. In Capricorn we are concerned with society, and if we begin in the stage of Capricorn, we will be very aware of our impact on society, and we will be motivated by the needs, dreams and aspirations of society as a whole.

Maybe our tendency to ignore the responsibilities to our surroundings (natural as well as societal) makes us choose Aries, a Personal sign, as the ultimate beginning. It is the It starts with me, it ends with me mentality and doesn’t take into account that we are a part of a system, that we contribute to that system and that we, in return, are supported by that system.

Let’s begin!

If you are driven by your personal needs, you are starting the story from the Aries viewpoint. Seeing the rest of the zodiac through the lens of Aries being the beginning, you will gain great insight into your inner workings and the workings of the process itself.

If you have a desire to birth a new society, if you are very aware that your personal choices impact the world in yet unimaginable ways, use the perspective of Capricorn being the beginning of your journey.

And there be Capricorn…

If you started in Capricorn, the next phase is Aquarius. You need to acknowledge your own uniqueness that shines amongst the uniqueness of others. This stage is similar to the stage of Aries, only you are very aware that others exist and are special just as much as you. With Aries, we have the privilege to go where no man has gone before, and we needn’t look around for others, since others are just not there.

When we finish with appreciating our own special little place in society, it’s time for the Pisces stage where we come to terms that all this is just a dream. We need the Pisces stage that takes the burden of our shoulders, so we don’t feel responsible for the world, so we don’t mistake ourselves for gods (very useful to go through Pisces before we jump into the Fire of Aries). We learn to surrender to a Higher Force, that which lies behind the Zodiac and gives birth to everything including itself. We learn that there is something inconceivable, that there is something that will always stay out of reach and beyond comprehension, but is living through us. We don’t see it, we are the proof it exists. We are proof life exists.

And bum, with that realization, we become life itself, we become Aries! In the stage of Aries, for the first time, it becomes personal. We become passionate, the needs of our society suddenly become our own personal needs, and we realize that by fighting for the good of all, we are actually doing ourselves a service. We will personally gain something in this quest for the greater good. It becomes evident that weather you fight for your own divinely inspired desires, or you fight from the desire to bring abundance to all, the effect of the journey is the same. Only the starting point is different.

Let’s look at Taurus

When you reach Taurus, you are full of passion.

If you started from Capricorn, you are aware of the difficulty, the heaviness that is associated with the realm of Earth. You are more mature in this stage, and can appreciate beauty of the ordinary. You have the strength and the stamina to take on the responsibilities of Earthly life. The Taurus stage is where you feel accomplished and see the first fruits of your labor. You feel you are worth something, and since your hard work that started in Capricorn payed off, you decide you will always, but always, do the same thing that got you to this beauty. This stable stage of abundance and serenity. If you try to acquire something new, you will use the same old ways. You will not want to change the procedure that worked so many times.

If you started from Aries, you will try to grab for yourself as much as possible. This is the first time you visit the realm of Earth, with such passion, and you will be a lover of all that is natural. You will be a witness of Material Beauty, you will be intoxicated by Material Beauty, and you will become the ambassador for the natural world. Everything in nature will amaze you, and will be a source of great love. You will love the human body and the sensations it can give you, you will know how to take what nature is offering you. You will love to eat, to taste, to touch, to roll around in the grass. Nature and yourself, you will be lovers.

And since you are the pure force of spirit that came storming down to Earth, you will be a spiritual teacher. You will be familiar with both the material and the non-material worlds. You will teach about how to embody the spirit, how to live in accordance with spirit, how to revere both nature and soul. As a Taurus, through life you will go.

Now it’s your turn

These were my ideas about beginnings and about the two possible archetypal stories of the sign of Taurus, depending on where we set the starting point.

Think about what other zodiac signs call you to consider them as beginnings, and what does that mean, how does that reflect on the rest of the process. How do other signs change their story depending on that beginning?

Think about the sign of Taurus through the lens of Capricorn being the beginning, then Aries being the beginning. How does the story change? What new information about Taurus did you find?

And the last task, go into the void. Think of Taurus as one potentiality in that void. How does the energy of Taurus feel when it is not in relation to anything, when it’s just a possibility that might come to life? What is Taurus beyond our existing Universe, beyond Space and Time?


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