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Learn with Astrology – What is a Friend?

Friends are there, to help you get started… At least that’s what Garfield taught me. But what are Friends really for? What does it mean to be a Friend?

The sign of Aquarius represents the concept of a Friend, so let’s look into his relationship with Leo, his complementary sign, Taurus and Scorpio, his squaring signs, and Gemini and Libra, his trines.

Come into my Palace

Leo and Aquarius are two parts of a whole, two sides of a story. To be a good Aquarius, you need to be a proficient Leo. To be a Friend, you need to be the King of your Empire first. You have to have your own story, you have to have something to share with your community. You need to be pleased with yourself and your life before you open the doors of your palace to others.

Leo, the lover who naturally gives and receives affection, wants the best for himself and enjoys sharing that best with the ones he chooses. So he will build a beautiful palace before he invites you into his life, he will not offend you with trash. He values you and your attention as much as he values himself.

Let me see…

After you conquered the stage of Leo, you can be an Aquarius, a Friend. How does the story look like now, from the perspective of Aquarius?

Aquarius, an Air sign, is free, unattached, and therefore a lot of options are available to him. If you choose to be a Friend, you will have a lot of options to choose from. You will be able to create your Universe of many little Leos – people with their unique life stories that enrich your life. They will be willing to share their affection with you, they will blossom from your attention and the fact that they have been chosen by you. You have given them a stage they can routinely perform on, and your little Leos will forever be grateful for that honor. Aquarius is a fixed sign, he is here to sustain, and Leos can rest in peace with the fact that there is one stage always ready for them to shine on.

If you choose to be a Friend, you will be the director of a theater. You will maintain the stage your Leos can perform on, but beware, you say who goes on the stage when! You are the director, and you need to keep your little Leos in check! You gave them the freedom to perform whatever drama they want, but you are still in control of who performs in your theater. They were your own choice, and you can kick them out just like you let them in. Remember, you have a lot of options, you are an Aquarius. And the life you are living is still your own, because you are a Leo as well.

What are Friends not?

Now let’s look at the Air signs of Libra and Gemini, and try to see what Friends are by examining what Friends are not. All Air signs want to communicate and share ideas, but what makes a Friend a Friend?


Aquarius is not Gemini. A Friend is not a Messenger. A Friend is here to support you (Aquarius – Fixed), a Messenger is here to change you (Gemini – Mutable). Friends are not here to change you, Friends are here to support you. 

You can imagine a Gemini being a stranger on the street you casually start chatting with, and something comes up in that conversation that changes your perspective so much that the life as you knew it ceases to exist. You erase the past and start living from the present moment, changed, never knowing that change has even occurred. Gemini is instant alchemy, a one-time quick remedy that will change you in a blink of an eye. Gemini is here to help you forget who you were and give you the freedom to reinvent yourself.

But Friends…

Friends are here to remind you who you are. To support you and not rush you or force you to change. You are their choice, and as their choice, they cherish you. They are Leos as well.

And Friends will always be Friends, but maybe not yours. They will never ask you to change, but they will make a choice to move out from your life, if you as such have no place in theirs. They will move on, but they will never ask you to change. That’s not what Friends are for.


Aquarius is not Libra. A Friend is not a Partner. A Friend is here to support you (Aquarius – fixed), a Partner is here to compel you to grow (Libra – Cardinal). Friends give you freedom, Partners give you responsibilities.

To Libra, your Partner, you are forever obliged to give a response to. You have signed a pact to experience experiences together. For each experience you go through, you will have the opportunity to hear a different perspective, but also an obligation to listen to that different perspective. Your decisions will not be your decisions, now you have to consult your significant other on all that concerns your partnership. With your Partner, you don’t make decisions, you reach mutual agreements.

With Friends…

You are free. Not all topics need to be covered, not all issues have to be resolved by a mutual agreement. You can agree to disagree and go merrily along your way, enjoying the fruits of your friendship.

Let’s get back to Squares

But how can you just easily agree to disagree? Isn’t that superficial? Is it true? The friendship? Or is it all a lie?

We have come to the squares, Scorpio and Taurus, that don’t really see the beauty of Aquariuses detachment and free-to-come-free-to-go attitude. No! We need commitment, we need deep, soulful intimacy.

And yes we do, but not with Friends.

Taurus and Scorpio represent our values, our foundations, our core. They represent what is non-negotiable. We arrived to Scorpio from Libra, the negotiations are over, we’re in this together. For better or for worse, we will vow in Sagittarius.


The fact that Scorpio lies outside the Friend Zone, being the square to Aquarius, tells us that we are not here to meddle in the private lives of our Friends. There are things that our Friends need to go through on their own. Friends have their private lives, things they do not wish to share. As Leos, they will decide how they want to present the story of their life to us, and as Scorpios, they have the right to decide what they will keep private. Forcing a Friend to have a Scorpio relationship with you means you insist on having a deep intimacy with them, the kind you share with your sexual partner. It’s a deep and sacred exchange between people, where there is no freedom but constant merging and striving to become One. No more negotiations, the only way out is Death. Yes, with Scorpio, it’s sex or death. No in-between.


The fact that Taurus lies outside of the Friend Zone, being the square to Aquarius, brings us to the topic of Tolerance. Taurus represents our core values, our tradition, what we consider real and tangible, the things we are not willing to change. The fact that Aquarius doesn’t see eye to eye with Taurus, but goes in a totally different direction, reveals that we do not choose our Friends based on our tradition and core values. We can share our life journey with people who have different value systems, people coming from different traditions, people who can even disagree with us on what is real.

That’s how Aquarius becomes the bearer of different realities. By incorporating into our lives people with different and diverse Taurian foundations, by giving them freedom to exist with their reality inside our reality, we become a Multiverse. Our little Leos are no longer Stars in our Galaxy, they become Galaxies of their own, in which we exist as a tiny, shiny star. A Friend knows his significance, and is aware of his insignificance. He exists in the life of others, while simultaneously giving others a stage where they can experience their existence. A Friend is ready to shine, but also ready to perish. Like a fallen Star.

Yes, we might say…

A Friend is a fallen Star

A Friend is a fallen Star. Once a whole Universe, now nowhere to be found except in all parts of the Universe, hidden in the particles of Light.







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