The Mystery

Yin and Yang – Are we trying to separate the inseparable

When talking about the Feminine and the Masculine, at this stage of our evolution, we have a few distinct conversations going on.

First, we have the story of Yin and Yang, the passive and active forces of nature living through all aspects of our Universe, that we also call the Feminine principle and the Masculine principle. Together they make a whole, everything that was ever created came about from their interaction. Even if humans didn’t exist, the Yin and Yang principles would make sense.


Then, we have the story of Souls incarnated in male and female bodies, going through a journey affected by the type of body they chose. When we insert human beings into Nature, we recognize the active Yang force in the penis of the male body, and the receptive Yin force in the vagina of the female body. We also see a species with an androgynous Soul. A Soul that will try to express itself through either the male or female body, and play a specific role influenced by that body.

05 - hierophant

And lastly, we have the conversation about societal roles – at a certain point in space and time, Souls inhabited a body, and according to that space and time, they were given certain roles based on their sex. When we insert human beings in the context of  today’s society (society being their way of making rules and regulations that are supposed to be ‘natural’), we get a set of expectations for Souls in a male body, and a set of expectations for Souls in a female body. And we get societies perception of what is Masculine and what is Feminine – two separate ways of interacting, that can never have the quality of the other, but are forever bound together.

15 - vrag

Let’s get confused

When we put all these stories together, we can say that as a natural being, we will embody Yin and Yang qualities. Our life experience will be affected by the type of body we inhabit, and, additionally, our life experiences will be affected by the societal roles for our body type imposed by the society we were born in. Now, if we ask ourselves what is Masculine, and what is Feminine, we might not even understand what we are talking about. Is it the definition of Masculinity and Femininity society has imposed on us? Are we talking about experiences that are exclusive to male physiology/female physiology? Or are we talking about the forces of nature, the two polarities that we also refer to sometimes as Masculine and Feminine principles?

In this confusion, have we dissociated ourselves from the natural flow of  Yin and Yang within our bodies? Are we trying to separate the inseparable?

Save the Yin and Yang

Let’s dive into our bodies. Here we see a clear distinction between the male and female body. But by only focusing on material reality, we might become devoted to creating an unbridgeable gap between the idea of what is Feminine and what is Masculine. We might conclude that separateness is an essential quality of our Universe, and if we don’t go beyond what is human, we might forever stay inhumane, unnatural and deprived of access to our wholesome being.

So let’s go beyond Human.

There is no separation

The Yin and Yang. The Active and Passive principle in Nature, that makes sense even if human beings didn’t exist. Periods of stillness and activity take place, one following the other, constantly repeating the same cycle. Emergence of new life, activity and bearing of fruits, slowly surrendering to death and going to full stillness just so new life can emerge – these are the cycles of Nature. Humans play no role in keeping of that cycle, they are not the stewards of Nature, although some might have forgotten about their insignificance in the grander scheme of things.

The natural forces of Yin and Yang can be seen in our human lives, for example, in the cycles of wakefulness and sleep. We wake up, emerge into the active state; we go to sleep, surrender to the passive state.

One is always present in the other, they create a whole and can never be separated. One exists in the other as potential and can emerge at any point – during our sleep, we can have vivid dreams, or suddenly wake up; while we’re awake, our minds can wander off, or for one reason or another, we can lose consciousness. We can be awake, but not really present. We can be ‘somewhere over the rainbow’…

With Yin and Yang, it’s a never-ending cycle of two inseparable qualities that exist within one another, and take turns in taking the lead.

Let’s dive into astrology

In astrological language, you embody all four elements. Fire, Water, Earth, Air. They are yours and nobody can take them away from you. Not society, not biology. Your Soul is a blend of those 4 elements, or two qualities – Yin, Water and Earth; and Yang – Fire and Air. If you are Yin, at any point you can pull out your Yang; and if you are waving your Yang around, you can still retreat into your Yin, no questions asked. The Yin and Yang, they are your Divine Inheritance, you might say. But the moment you call them Feminine and Masculine, beware – that terminology, in another conversation represents separateness and mutual exclusivity. In another conversation, Yins can’t be Yangs, and Yangs have no business being Yin.

So don’t let the terminology of biology and society lead you astray – you are Yin as much as you are Yang. Both qualities live through you, no matter what society decides.

Society can’t tell you how to feel, your Water will tell you how to feel.

Society can’t tell you how to act, your Fire will tell you how to act.

Society can’t tell you how to think, your Air will tell you how to think.

And society can’t tell you what to do with your body, your Earth will tell you what to do with your body.

Because you are a blend of Yin and Yang, embodying the never-ending cycle of these two inseparable qualities that exist within one another and within you, and take turns in taking the lead.

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