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Awaken with Taurus and Aquarius – Materialism. Only the basics, not every single thing

The sign of Taurus is usually said to be the ‘most material sign’. From that label we might see Taurus as thirsty for luxury and wealth, and call him a materialist in the popular sense of the word. But what do we mean when we say the ‘most material sign’? And what do we mean by ‘materialist’?

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

It could be the fact that Taurus is a fixed sign and is here to sustain. He is here for anything except change, he is devoted to all things natural, and you can perceive him as clinging to the Earth element, never wanting to let go. The natural world is his only field of interest, the natural in him is the only source of ecstasy and joy.

Capricorn (Cardinal sign = Initiation) is here to plant appreciation and respect for the Earth in our Souls. Aware of the sanctity of Earth, firmly rooted in Spirit, he initiates contact. Delicately. His hands are initially empty, opened with awe, held strong by humility, stretched out in prayer. If Earth considers Capricorn worthy, she will fill his hands with bounty in Taurus. But the Spirit of Capricorn must prove himself first.

In Taurus, we have achieved deep love and appreciation for Nature, and Nature is giving that love back. As you reap, so you shall sow, we have learned in Capricorn.

But evolution is our game, and humans change. As humans change, Earth is impacted; and for whatever change we wish to make in ourselves and our society, we must consult Earth first.

Virgo (Mutable sign = change) is here to live in constant communication with Planet Earth, to get her approval for any of those changes we wish to make. And if changes occur on Earth, Virgo is here to look deep into nature, consult the plants, find the bitter remedy and bring it back to humanity. Virgo is constantly flowing from spirit to matter, constantly making adaptations for our bodies, so our spirit could be free to roam the Earth .

Materialism? What materialism? 

With the word materialism, do you sense some Aquarius? Do you smell theory? Can you hear definitions? Aquarius and Taurus are squared, one doesn’t care about the other. Aquarius likes to explore theories and the workings of society, Taurus is concerned with himself (Personal sign).

If we look through the eyes of Aquarius, we see a society that needs more, more, more. And then some. And whatever we need, we need it right now. It seems that the material world was taken over by an Aquarian ruler, and he tries to impose his truth of instant emergence of infinite possibilities to that material world, not knowing that his rules here do not apply, are very dangerous and are causing more and more damage every day.

It’s all in our heads

In an Aquarius-influenced society, we have come to be dissociated with what is tangible. We have become a society that worships intelligence of the mind, informational technology and exploration of space and time. It is commendable that open-minded Aquarius explores different possible realities, so we can break free from today’s racist, judgemental, radical, oppressive society. We should be open to infinite possibilities. But we have to be aware, that with Aquarius, we experiment in our minds with different realities, and we will choose only one that will materialize in Taurus. Aquarius is not Taurus. Aquarius lies outside of material reality, and sometimes, needs a reality check.

If we treat material goods the Aquarian way, we get a million different options available to us. When we insert the viewpoint of Taurus, for most of those options, we believe that they are essential. We have totally neglected the Taurian perspective – take what you need, but give back. Take only the basics, not every single thing. And enjoy the bounty, roll around in luxury.


Essential and luxurious

Since Taurus talks about the basic values and abundance, could this mean that the essentials of life are that mysterious luxury we wish to attain? Are the basics all we will ever need? Are the basics all we will ever want? Are we hungry for our basics, and not a million different possibilities? Are we deprived of our basics, so we lose ourselves in possibilities?

Are our basics just the bare necessities of life? The simple bear necessities of life?


I will leave you to make up your own mind. You are a Taurus now, you wouldn’t listen to me anyway.

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