The Mystery

Live with Leo – Courage brings Sadness

Leo is the strong-hearted one, the most courageous energy of the zodiac.

You might say Aries is the contender for that throne, but Aries is ignorant. His quest is a Vision Quest – he might discover the Paradise he saw in his vision, or perish in the process. Sagittarius claims to be a traveler, and he is – a traveler will go, and then come back. It’s a luxury Aries can’t count on. Sagittarius will live to tell his tales, Aries will spend all his life creating routes Sagittarius will later walk. The roads Sagittarius walks are paved with the corpse of Aries. The sacrificial Ram, gladly taking that step into uncertainty.

And those life paths that Aries continues to create, Leo must walk. Leo must live in the territory suggested by the adventurous Aries.

And not only live, but love the life he’s living.

Do you love the life you’re living? Are you an good example of Leo vibes?

When Leo takes a look around, he feels empowered, he feels in power, the will to live and love overflows his body. Thanks to – Cancer!

The road to Cancer, the road to Home

Aries started the adventure, and if he didn’t perish, in Taurus he learnt to take care of his body, to keep it fresh and alive, and maybe even beautiful. In Gemini, equipped with innocence, light-hearted energy and the ability to connect to everything and anything, he got to know – a little bit about everything.

We do not live in Heaven on Earth, that was the shock Gemini was unable to face, and the troubles of the Heart he left to Cancer.

Cancer was here to deal with what Gemini saw. The injustice, the hurt, the cruelty, the suffering. For a moment, Cancer will stay still, because the inner turbulence is too much to handle.

And Cancer will find a way to digest all that has been seen, Cancer will find peace in the turbulence. Cancer will be able to digest all the emotions that were created as a reaction to what has been seen. Cancer will digest all the bad and all the good. Fury, despair, disappointment, rage, disgust, resentment, hurt; joy, amusement, exhilaration, serenity, relief, hope, gratitude, pride.

By dealing with emotions that come up as a reaction to our immediate environment, we develop strong hearts. Lion Hearts.

Love is on the ground. I repeat, Love is on the ground

Leo lives in a turbulent world, Leo loves in a turbulent world. But Leo is not oblivious to the suffering around him. Courage brings sadness – our decision to walk this Earth includes dealing with all that happens on this Earth. 

To live courageously doesn’t mean to turn your back on sadness, it means to have the will to live and love even though you know… Cancer. The hurt, the pain that comes with this human existence, the ecstasy that can take you to even greater darkness.

You live courageously if you don’t get stuck in the Feel Good, or in the Feel Bad; but move on with life and decide to live and love while you feel all that you feel. 

The determination to live and love is what got Leo the title of The Most Courageous One. He is not considered courageous because of his ability to take a risk and venture into the unknown – that is his brother Aries. He is considered courageous because he is the Steward of Love, the Keeper of Flames. He is the one who vows to keep the Love alive, and keep the Heart strong and full of kindness.

Don’t let pain pull you down, don’t let ego fly you high. Stay in the middle and share the love – I guess that’s what Leo would say.

A lot can bring Leo down, and a lot can pull Leo up. But Leo tries to stay in the middle, to live and love with dignity because he wants to survive. He won’t let disappointment lead him to resignation, he won’t let pride take him to a death-sentencing isolation. He knows he is a part of a tribe. He knows he will survive if he has something to give, and is willing to share. Love is no longer in the Air, but walks courageously on the ground, in the shape of a kind, loving, considerate Lion Heart.




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