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Suffer with the Fixed Signs – Leo

The Zodiac, the astrological map of the 12 signs and the paths that connect them, is a representation of the dynamics of life. By studying the signs and how they relate to each other, we gain insight into how things work.

The 12 signs can be categorized by Modality (Quality) into 3 groups – The Cardinal Signs, The Fixed Signs, The Mutable Signs.

This division into three tells us that in life,

  • we will have to engage with some sort of new experience, we will have to initiate it ourselves
  • we will have to keep that story going, we will have to endure the experience we initiated
  • and we will need to learn from that experience and change ourselves, we will have to let the experience change us

The Cardinal Signs will tell us what we need to engage in, the Mutable Signs will tell us what we need to change, and the Fixed signs will teach us what we need to endure.

Leo – The Fixed Sign

Life might not be suffering, but it certainly brings its difficulties, and the cycles of stagnation when there is nowhere to go, nothing to do, except keep doing what you do. I wonder, what would Leo tell me, if I asked, what do I need to endure? What do I need to go through? 


You will meet many people as strong-willed as you, and you will need to allow their will to be done, as long as it doesn’t influence yours. If it does, you will have to clash, you will have to go into peaceful battle where you stand in what you believe is true. You will have to stand there, and let it be revealed – are you Truth, or are you a Lie. You will have to have courage to admit you didn’t have courage, at least not enough, to be True. And you will have to relive this humiliation again and again, because in the search of Truth, you can only be a Lie. You can only be a Sweet Deception, a Humble Forgetfulness that is willing to remember and keep coming into more and more Power. Every person you meet will be part of a Memory that reminds you of a most beautiful Dream, but you must not fall asleep, because sleeping is not the same as dreaming. You are the Rememberer, not the Dreamer. Dreams you have to leave aside, and keep Awakening . Keep Awakening from slumber, not shaming yourself for being asleep. Keep Awakening from slumber, so you can become conscious enough to Dream. Keep Awakening, so you become strong enough to be gentle, strong enough to weave Dreams.

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