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Virgo and Leo – The Temple and the Sun

I am Leo. I am the Guardian of the Sun, I am the Keeper of the Flame, I am the sign post that tells you to turn inward when in search of healing, love, inspiration.

Virgo will come after me, Virgo will embrace me. She will be physical form, the container of sanctity. She will look for light in the minute details, she will feel the light within.

On the outside, she is the Hermit. But in reality, she is her own favorite company, because she has affinity for divinity. 

On the outside, she is the Healer. But in reality, she is a witness of wholeness, proof of holiness, the Temple we all come in to pray.

I, Leo, will inspire you, Virgo will give you the endurance and patience to craft your craft.

I, Leo, will show you how to love, Virgo will shape your heart with dedication and devotion. 

I, Leo, will tell you of your power to heal, Virgo will witness you as healed, whole and well.

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