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Gemini and Virgo on relationships – Maybe there is no way out, but you can find a cure

Croatian version/Hrvatska verzija: Blizanci i Djevica o vezama – Možda nema izlaza, ali ima lijeka

So you want a change? Ok. Let’s talk about Virgo.

I am Gemini, Virgo is my companion in mutability, but a passive sign, so like Pisces, she changes quietly, subtly, motionlessly. Well, maybe not motionlessly, since we, Gemini, and Virgo are ruled by Mercury, the king of movement, wandering, going out and about. But Virgo’s shifts are so tiny that you may not even notice them.

There is no way out, but there is a cure

Virgo heals. We Gemini will light up the situation and take you away from problems, but you should not run away from all problems. Call us when it’s time to take the bandage off the healed wound. When that phantom pain is present and convinces you that the threat is still real. But while the wound is still bleeding, while it is fresh, while it is healing or rotting; call Virgo, please, we beg you, call Virgo!

We do not leave unhealed wounds at the mercy of time, we do not pretend they don’t exist, we do not ignore the stench of rotten tissue. We need to enter the wounds carefully, delicately; first observe and then think about change. Analyze what we see, break down the problem into smaller problems, and dedicate ourselves to one at a time, as the feeling dictates. Who would do it better than Virgo?

You can run, but you won’t stop the bleeding

Wounds will appear in the relationships you started and then diligently maintained. Maybe you just got exhausted during maintenance, and maybe you made a mistake. Maybe your partner is wounded, maybe you are the wounded one, maybe your relationship is wounded (and maybe it’s all the same thing, Pisces whispers to us).

Either way, someone was hurt and it’s time to treat the wounds. As we said, we do not leave the battlefield while the wounded are still breathing. We call for help, and we do not flee to more enjoyable places, because the wounds we left somewhere far behind have that irritating ability to find us, anywhere, anytime.

We, Gemini, and Sagittarius, are an active team for change. Air and Fire. For us, the first wounds in a relationship may seem cataclysmic. We’re not used to staying in one place, especially not on a sinking ship. You have given us the task of always finding something fresh for you, to transfer you to the other shore, so for God’s sake, I beg of you again, do not call us to take care of the injured! We can take you to the nearest spa, but that’s all, that’s where our authority ends.

The routine is the cure

Virgo and Pisces are a passive team for change. When wounds appear, Pisces will be irritated because reality is spoiling their conviction that life is a fairy tale, and they could subtly leave the crime scene if reality deviates from the stories they tell themselves.

Yes, you have no one left but Virgo. Someone who watches closely. And seeks practical solutions. You would be amazed at how much change you can experience in relationships if you just go back to the everyday, the basic, the routine. Virgo tells you that changing your routine is the cure. After a while, a small change in your routine brings huge changes in all areas of life.

If you allow yourself to live as a Virgo, you will transform yourself and others as if you were a Sagittarius! You will not force yourself and others to make bombastic changes and spill your non-solicited advice wherever you go, but give birth to a miracle through silence and daily dedicated effort. So let Sagittarius ask himself – Where did this come from? God’s grace, people! God is Great! No Sagittarius, some things are born through everyday efforts, while we don’t try to change the circumstances in which we found ourselves. Get yourself together.

So are you willing to accept the circumstances? Are you ready to heal and recover?

We, Gemini, are not. Acceptance is not our strong point. Neither are obligations. Sagittarius needs excitement, adrenaline. Pisces can’t bother with the real world.

But Virgo, kudos to her, she will take care of everything.

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