Aquarius · Leo · Shadows and Light

Aquarius to Leo – Your Majesty, You can not be compared!

Your Highness! Your Majesty!

Let me bow down to Your exquisite excellence!

Let my meaningless existence find a purpose through Your imposed will!

Let my mind be nothing but a shadow of Your mind, which is miniscule when compared to Your greatness!

Let me never raise my voice to contradict Yours, so we can all experience the highest of highs and the lowest of lows only as a result of Your uninformed doing, for there is no need for information when The One knows all!

Oh Great One, make all of our good decisions, for what we make good, you will make better! And make all of our bad decisions, for what we make bad, you will make worse, that’s how powerful You are!

Listen to no voice but Your own, that way You will never lose an admiring audience, even if we are gone!

Your Highness! My Majesty!

How can anybody be more important, how can the world revolve around anybody but You?

Take a look around – aren’t You the only one left?

The one that cannot be compared, since no one else is there.

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