Aquarius · Scorpio · Shadows and Light · Taurus

Scorpio to Aquarius – I want to be special

I dive deep, you fly high.

You see me as unique, enticingly interesting, as a beautiful addition to the web of life. You see me as worthy of a moment of your attention.

I don’t care about what I see. I care about what I feel. 

I feel that I belong to you. I sense that, in this moment, you were meant for me, and I was meant for you, that we were chosen by destiny to unite, to merge, to exchange energy and become irreversibly transformed.

I feel you were meant to change me, and I was meant to change you.

And I know we can’t mess with destiny.

So, don’t fly away. Don’t run away from change. Come merge with me.

If you do, I promise, I will hold on to you completely, but just for this moment. Then I will let you go.

Yes, I learnt that you shouldn’t mess with destiny.

And I learnt not to be the unwanted presence, the meddling energy. I learnt how not to be a curse, a calamity.

So for a moment, come. Don’t call me unique, call me special, tell me we belong.

When the moment passes, I will destroy myself, and you can move on.

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