Gemini · Sagittarius · Shadows and Light · The Mystery

Soul Mates

You turn the light on, firmly convinced that I will come running.

Was it your conviction that I would come, or the light you left on, that drew me in?

Was it the fire of your spirit, or the power of your mind, or do those two work united to create magic?

Do you think of me, or do you want me? Did the desire overpower the mind?

Cool off, chill out. You must be able to see someone other than yourself.

Leave the light on. Offer something that interests me.

When your flames burn steady, and you still manage to see the light, I will come running. I need to be seen.

I want to be present, you can even consider me a gift, but never see me as a reward, an award, for winning at some game of life.

Leave the light on, so you don’t get consumed by yourself.

Leave the light on so you don’t forget you called me in.

Leave the light on so you don’t forget you are waiting.

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